May 23, 2022
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Tim Hartman on GovExec’s Rapidly Growing Business


Jacob: For everyone who’s listening in a few weeks, it’s weird to talk about it that way, this is a live recording so it will feel a little different than most of the episodes. I will probably be a little bit more conversational than I normally record, but let’s jump in. For those of us who don’t know, and perhaps many don’t, unless you live and work in DC, what is GovExec?

Tim: That’s a great question. GovExec is primarily an intelligence company that has lots of different information services and data serving different aspects of government at all levels. We have a platform that’s focused on the federal government, a platform that’s focused on defense, and a platform that’s focused on the state and local government. In each of those areas, our primary stakeholder are government leaders or national security leaders and we help them with news and information services and intelligence, but then our secondary stakeholders are the industries that support government. Whether it’s a defense contractor or a company that does landscaping for the city of Sacramento, they’re going to be part of our ecosystem.

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