April 11, 2022
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Scott Gerber on What Goes Into a Great Professional Community


Jacob Cohen Donnelly: I want to start at a very high level, and then we’ll move more tactical on your about Page@community.co. In big bold letters, you write, long before community became a buzzword and its true community has become such a buzzword, chief just raised at $1 billion valuation. Why do you think community has become such a hotly discussed area of media these past few years? It’s all anyone seems to want to talk about.

Scott Gerber: Jacob, what I find funny about the world we live in today is everything that is old is new again, right now, all of a sudden this is in vogue. The reality is community has been around for generations in different forms. I think it’s first important to understand what do I consider community versus what don’t I consider community. Because I think today we’ve basically turned community into this catchall phrase of audience subscriptions, an event.

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