January 28, 2021
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Scott Brodbeck on Building Hyperlocal Media Brands in the D.C. Area


Jacob Cohen Donnelly: I always like to hear the origin stories of how people got into media because I don’t think most people start out with the dream of running a media company. How did you wind up working in media, and what prompted the launch of the first site in the Local News Now network, Arlington Now?

Scott Brodbeck: First of all, thank you for having me on. Really excited to be on this podcast where a lot of people I really admire and respect have been on before me. My journey to launching our sites started after college. I actually started out in TV news, local TV news specifically. I went to GW in DC and worked for a TV station here, NBC4. I also subsequently worked for FOX 5. I got my start in local broadcast journalism. Fast forward to 2009, the financial crisis is a thing. I’m getting an MBA at Georgetown because I always had an entrepreneurial bent, and I see a potential need to make my own luck in this business as things are crumbling in the traditional media space.

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