October 22, 2020
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Neil Vogel on Building Dotdash and the Brands Being Remembered

Jacob: I’ll be honest, beyond the work you’ve done running Dotdash I know very little about your background. Can you talk a bit about how you got started in media and what brought you to what was then About.com?

Neil: Oh, sure I thought you were going to ask me a question about the Sixers entrusting the process from our Twitter relationship, but I’m happy to give you actual background. I will tell you that running something like About.com was never really part of the plan. I was an investment banker out of college for a number of years which I liked very much but wasn’t really the life path I wanted to take. From banking I’m old at this in the late ’90s, 2000 I left banking to go to work with a client. I did a lot of media internet stuff when I was a banker, early internet called Alloy online which then became called Alloy.

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