November 18, 2020
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Julia Beizer on Building Product at Bloomberg Media


Jacob: Let’s start off right from the beginning with two core questions. How did you find your way to working in product? Because your early roles at The Washington Post were on the edit side, and then what exactly does the Chief Product Officer and Global Head of Digital at Bloomberg News actually do?

Julia Beizer: Great questions both. I will start with the first one because it’s chronological order. I found my way into journalism somewhat haphazardly. I was a lifestyle journalist at The Washington Post. I wrote about fun events and things to do in Washington DC, but I worked in The Washington Post digital newsroom that was housed over in Arlington, Virginia at the time. I would say that experience really lit me up to the power of journalism. I could hear my colleagues on the phone with Congress people, and I just thought, “Man, this is such an important field,” and it felt great to be a part of it.

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