September 17, 2020
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Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez on Building Everything


Jacob: Let’s set the stage because a year ago, this whole concept of Everything wasn’t really a thing. Can you both take a minute and talk about each of your individual publications and then explain what Everything is, and how this idea came to you? Let’s start with you, Dan.

Dan: It started off with Superorganizers, which is a newsletter that I write, which is on productivity. Basically, I was just super fascinated about a year ago with all the productivity systems that I use, and other people use, and I was actually really interested in not starting a newsletter but starting a software company around it. That’s my background. I figured I could start with a newsletter because I really liked writing, and it felt like a good way to develop an audience and learn how to basically how to build a software product as I was writing the newsletter. I started it and people just loved, they love the newsletter. It just started taking off and I was, “Well, maybe I could just start newsletters.”

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