August 27, 2020
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Austin Rief on Morning Brew Becoming More Than Just a Newsletter


Jacob: Over the past year, Morning Brew has received a good amount of press covering the early years of the business. I don’t really want to rehash what has already been written, but can you give us a synopsis really quickly of what Morning Brew is and the early years leading up to 2018?

Austin Rief: For sure, in 2015, Alex Lieberman, who was my co-founder was doing some interview prep with friends and that quickly transitioned to a newsletter. I quickly a couple of months later came on board, and we started writing with initially a PDF attachment called Market Corner, then transitioned to Morning Brew, which was a classic newsletter like you see today. The basic idea was that college students really struggled to resonate with the business world. We were at the University of Michigan, and people really couldn’t or didn’t want to read The Journal or The Economist. We gave them a better alternative, a more conversational and witty business read.

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