March 4, 2024
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Mitch Bettis on the Various Brands of Arkansas Business Publishing Group


Jacob Cohen Donnelly: It wasn’t until our mutual friend James Capo texted me on, I think it has to be five different occasions that I needed to interview you that I finally got this scheduled. Thanks for being here. Why don’t we start with the basics? What is Arkansas Business Publishing?

Mitch Bettis: We are a privately held media and marketing company that actually started in 1974. It has a great starting story that predates my tenure here, but we’re a niche media company. We have about 30 print titles between Arkansas and Texas. We have a digital marketing company. We have an events division. We have a variety of agency and custom projects, but all of them are highly focused on serving a highly targeted audience and bringing a level of content and experience that they cannot get anywhere else in a way that I hope somehow changes their life every time they encounter us.

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