March 3, 2021
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Jesse Jacobs and Mike Kerns on Building The Chernin Group


Jacob:“I’d like to start a bit more personal and learn more about how you both found your way to not only working and investing in media but more specifically at the Chernin Group.” From a purely alphabetical perspective, let’s start with you, Jesse.

Jesse: [chuckles]. Sure. Thanks for having us on, Jacob. We’re big fans of you and the platform you’ve built. Congratulations on the recent addition to Morning Brew, which is exciting. Myself, when I was in college actually, Fox Sports started. They got the NFL rights from CBS which back then was a big deal. CBS, ABC, and MBC had had football rights for decades. Fox got those rights and I ended up into– I was actually, I think, literally, I walked in in my summer interned between my freshman and sophomore year at Fox Sports and it was four other people there.

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