February 3, 2021
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Jason Yanowitz on the Many Stages of Blockworks


Jacob: Let’s start at the genesis of it all. How did you find your way to launching a media company about crypto and what prompted you to jump in?

Jason Yanowitz: First things first, thanks for having me on the show, Jacob. Unlike most of the media operators that you’ve had in the past, I would call it for lack of a better word, we did this whole media thing as backwards. It was actually end of 2017, let’s call it September, October. I ended up going– I was working in venture at the time, and then at this data analytics company. I went to the Sunday event, and I had been into the Bitcoin space. I lived in Budapest and the Hungarian students out there love Bitcoin. I came to New York. I ended up going to the Sunday event, and I get there to hear about blockchain. I get there about 45 minutes early.

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