March 25, 2024
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Ellen Hyslop Talks About the Various Stages of Building The Gist


My guest this week is Ellen Hyslop, co-founder of The Gist, a fan-first sports media brand based out of Canada (but serving the United States). In this episode, we talked about the early days of the business, what sorts of growth tactics they used when first starting versus what now works, how their user onboarding impacts the types of content that readers see, the various ad products they take to market, and where the business goes from here.

Jacob Cohen Donnelly: Newsletters are all the rage right now, and honestly, they have been for quite some time. One area that I always swore to avoid in the newsletter space was sports for a number of reasons. We can go into those at any point, but you obviously have not avoided sports. What is The GIST? Give us a synopsis on the origin story.

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