March 18, 2024
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Brian Van Heuverswyn on the Growth of Active Interest Media


Jacob Cohen Donnelly: Why don’t we start at the very beginning. Talk to me about the history of Active Interest Media and how you found yourself ultimately becoming the COO of the business.

Brian Van Heuverswyn: Sure. Active Interest Media has a long and storied, winding history that started with two gentlemen, Andrew Clurman and Ephraim Zimbalist III, affectionately known as Skip, who were the originating founders of Active Interest Media back, gosh, 20-some-odd years ago. They had worked together at Times Mirror and had been around the media industry together for quite a long time. You and your recent endeavors, decided they wanted to work for themselves and went out on their own and started to just acquire brands over time. Built that up with the support of private equity.

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