March 28, 2022
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Adam Ryan on Building a Creator First Workweek


Jacob: Something you may not know about me, but for about 30 minutes, I thought about becoming a history teacher. It’s actually the major I chose when I was accepted to college. Then quickly realized that teachers don’t get paid a lot of money, and I quickly shifted away from that. You were a high school teacher as far as I know, and you have your bachelor’s and your master’s in education. How does a teacher go on to become the CEO of a media company?

Adam Ryan: All of our journeys aren’t linear. I think it’s every background builds on top of each other, and I feel incredibly lucky and blessed that I had education as a foundation of my background. The story essentially was I grew up with teachers and nurses in my family. There’s a story that I remember us walking by the business school and my mom goes, “What job do you get when you go to business school?” I was like, “I don’t know.” Then I walked right into the education school and wanted to be a football coach and a social studies teacher.

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