February 2, 2024
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Maybe the Storied Institutions Do Need to Die

The last month has been jarring to many parts of the media ecosystem. Whether it’s Condé Nast, Forbes, Business Insider, Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated, etc., people have lost their jobs. Heck, the publisher of numerous papers in my county abruptly announced last week that it had suspended publication and was looking for solutions to bring them back to financial sustainability.

Even the more successful media companies are seeing changes. The Wall Street Journal has trimmed its DC bureau, letting go of 20 people (though providing them an opportunity to apply for different jobs). It would appear that no one in media is safe if you look at all of the press being written the last few weeks. Exhibit A: The Atlantic published a piece this week that asks Is American Journalism Headed Toward an ‘Extinction-Level Event’?

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