February 24, 2023
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Is Media Best as a Family Business?

We live in an era where people’s attention spans is shorter than ever. We see this across all areas of our lives, whether it’s the content we consume or companies we invest in. According to eToro, the average hold time of a stock in the U.S. was 5 years in the mid-1970s. Now? It’s 10 months. This is despite the fact the best way to grow wealth is to simply hold.

The same is true in media. Operators want to see their publications grow faster than ever before even though we know it takes time to build a brand. I spoke to a friend the other day who said, “anytime I see a media company experiencing insane annual growth, I question just how sustainable it can be.” The reality is, great media companies take time to build. And in many respects, the best way to build a lasting media brand is to treat it like a family business.

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