AMO Summit - October 26th 2023

AMO Summit Stage

On October 26th, 130 operators, investors, and service providers joined the A Media Operator crew at the inaugural AMO Summit here in New York City. For the first time, this community that we’ve been building in people’s inboxes and on Slack went face-to-face. 

Now is your chance to take advantage of what those 130 people got in the AMO theater. Included in your purchase are all eight sessions moderated by Jacob Donnelly as well as the four sponsored sessions (hint: they're actually pretty good). 

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Whether you're interested in what Flying Magazine is doing, the state of media M&A, what's next for Dotdash Meredith, or anything else in between, you're not going to want to miss this content.

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AMO Summit


Flying Magazine: Future of Magazines

AMO Summit Panel Flying Magazine

This was a discussion with CEO Craig Fuller and Chief Commercial Officer, Preston Holland. In this, we discussed the recent acquisition of the marine assets from Bonnier, how the financial operation makes money, and how print can actually make good money for Flying Media Group.

The Next Era of Niche Media

AMO Summit Panel Niche Media

This was an in-depth discussion with Punchbowl News' CEO, Anna Palmer, and The Juggernaut's CEO, Snigdha Sur. In it, we discussed how their businesses have grown since launching, the event strategies both have deployed, and what comes next as they continue to grow.

Building Monetizable Communities

AMO Summit Panel Communities

In this discussion, we were joined by Tom Guthrie, CEO of Sylva, and Scott Gerber, CEO of Community Corporation. We talked about how to make b2b communities successful, what they'd do if they had to operate a consumer community, and Scott introduced the concept of 10x10 communities to help you scale.

SaaSification of Media

AMO Summit Panel SaaSification

Freight Waves CEO, Craig Fuller, and Blockworks Group co-founder, Jason Yanowitz, joined the stage to dig into how both of them have grown their SaaS businesses within media companies. One key point that jumped out from this discussion is that SaaSification of media only works for a while before the media component can hold the business back.

Skift: Case Study in B2B

AMO Summit Panel Skift

Skift CEO Rafat Ali joined the stage to talk about the unbelievably well known travel publication. We dug into why the business prioritizes design so much, how the events business has evolved, areas where they are experimenting with AI both internally and user focused, and so much more.

AI in Media

AMO Summit Panel AI

Mike King, CEO of iPullRank, joined the stage to talk about the impact of AI on media businesses and what publishers should be doing. In the session, he shared his hypothesis on the impact Search Generative Experiences could have on organic traffic and also discussed ways publishers could use the tech to improve operations.

State of Media M&A

AMO Summit Panel Media M&A

In this discussion, Dennis Berman, formerly of Lazard, Maureen Sullivan, Partner at TCG, and Chris Ferrel, CEO of Endeavor Business Media talked about how the M&A markets are working. Not surprising, things are pretty cold right now, but not downright frozen. The big question, though, is when will the major PE-backed media companies come up for sale because time is ticking.

Fireside with Neil Vogel

AMO Summit Panel Fireside with Neil Vogel

Dotdash Meredith's Neil Vogel took the stage to talk about how they are preparing for AI, the things they learned from integrating Meredith into the Dotdash business, how they have made print a healthy part of the overall business, and why the Meredith brands might be the strongest part of the ecosystem.