Unlocking the Value of Your Audience

It's one thing to say we need an audience plan; it's something entirely different to execute. Hear from these operators on how they've unlocked value.

June 20th at 12PM ET

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About The Webinar

We all know it, but we often struggle to grow and expand our audiences in today’s dynamic media landscape. In fact, Omeda’s just-released State of Audience Report found that nearly two-thirds of all media and publishing organizations do not have a formal, documented audience plan.

To help, we’ve assembled media leaders with a passion for and an understanding of the power of audience-first thinking, including Amanda Phillips, Vice President of Marketing at enthusiast publisher, Active Interest Media. In this webinar, we will discuss and dissect:

  • The state of and the role of audiences in today’s media, publishing, and content business.
  • What an audience-first strategy looks like.
  • The critical ingredients of an audience plan and strategy.
  • The essential skills, culture, tech, and data environments required to ensure your audience and business thrive.

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Amanda Phillips

Vice President, Marketing
Active Interest Media


Dustin Titus

Chief Digital Officer
Zoomer Digital Network


Jacob Donnelly

Founder, A Media Operator