May 16, 2022
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Chris Ferrell on The Incredible Growth at Endeavor Business Media


Jacob Donnelly: So it seems to me that you’ve been building towards today since 2004 when you were the publisher of Nashville Scene, then CEO of SouthComm, and now CEO of Endeavor Business Media. Can you walk me through your media journey?

Chris Ferrell: [chuckles] Sure, it’s an 18-year overnight success story, right? No, it actually began before that. In 1997, I got hired to work at Citysearch, which, I would say, it was my first media experience early days of the internet, where I had a job of explaining to people what websites were and why you wanted one. And I often joke that I was the only person who went from internet to print. And after that, I had an internet marketing company for about five years.

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